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800 Words Filming Locations Revealed!


Check out some of the most famous filming locations from the Kiwi-Oz TV show that has taken off

Map showing the 800 Words filming locations in New Zealand

800 Words filming locations in New Zealand

That’s right. If you’re a fan of the hit TV One (or Channel Seven if you’re in Aussie or the BBC if you’re in the UK) production 800 Words then a trip to Auckland needs to be at the top of your list. The series, which wrapped up its third (and final 😢) season in 2018, is filmed in locations across Auckland and fans of the show will recognise the surfing beaches of Piha and Karekare as well as the fictional town of Weld which is actually set in Warkworth, around an hour’s drive north of the city.

So, if you fancy taking a tour of the 800 Words filming locations, here’s our top 3 places to visit:

1.      Warkworth (fictional town of Weld)

Let’s start with the biggie. Warkworth is the setting for the main town in the show, Weld. Recently widowed, lead character George quits his job in Sydney as a popular columnist for a top-selling newspaper and buys a house on a whim on the internet in a remote seaside town in New Zealand and ups his entire family. That town is called Weld and is at the heart of the main action in 800 Words.

If you are visiting for the day, Warkworth is about an hour’s drive north of Auckland and is a lovely place for a visit. Make sure you head to Queen Street (40) where you can check out the fictional McNamara Realty then duck over to Elizabeth Street (11) where the Weld Super Store is located.

2.      Piha and Karekare beaches

Surfers walking back up the beach at Piha, West of Auckand

Piha is already well-known to visitors to Auckland but if you needed another excuse to visit the cool surfing beach then if you’re a fan of 800 Words, it’s also a location that is used in a number of shots throughout series one and two. Piha is a great place to visit for the day. Located on Auckland’s wild west coast, around an hour’s drive from downtown Auckland, the beach is popular with surfers and sunbathers alike. The black sand beach is packed with locals and tourists alike during the summer months and is a great place to hang out for the day.

Located one bay down from Piha is Karekare beach, another popular filming location for 800 Words. This beach is a little more secluded than Piha and is not quite as busy making it a great place to go for a walk and admire the wild Tasman Sea as it pounds the black sand.

3.      Huia

Huia Bay - Image credit: Phillip Capper, Flickr

Huia Bay – Image credit: Phillip Capper, Flickr

Whilst George and his two kids may live in the town of Weld, you will actually have to travel a bit further to get to the setting for his home in Huia. Located close to Karekare beach, Huia is part of the Wiatakere Ranges Regional Park making it a great place for a visit. Whilst the actual location of the Turner’s house in not known, it’s easy to imagine where they might live looking at the houses that are found in this remote area of Auckland.

The walking tracks in the Waitakere Ranges are some of Auckland’s best so make sure you plan your day here. It’s super easy to fit in a visit to Huia and the beaches at Piha and Karekare in one day as well as scooting north to Warkworth so you can visit all the major 800 Words filming locations in a day.

If you’re interested in checking out any more of the filming locations, you could also pay a visit to Kaipara College in Helensville which doubles up as Weld District High School or check out Hunua Falls which are located not far from Papakura to the south of the city where the Turner family scattered the ashes of George’s wife Laura.

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40 thoughts on “800 Words Filming Locations Revealed!

  1. Thanks for the information! As the only “800 words”-fan in Germany, I will happily visit the locations in November, when I come to NZ 🙂

  2. If you watch Brokenwood Mysteries as well that’s also filmed in similar locations. I’m an extra and have worked on both.

  3. Hey David – thanks for the tip – we will look to write up a post so people can find these great locations – if you have any pictures from out on set we would love to include them in our post. Thanks

  4. Thanks Joachim – really great to hear you are a fan of 800 Words all the way over in Germany! Make sure you look us up when you visit next month and enjoy your visit to NZ!

  5. OK – well that’s good to know! Watch our for our blog piece on the filming locations and thanks for the heads up!

  6. Glad you are enjoying the series – make sure you come and check out some of the filming locations for yourself – they are even more beautiful in real life!

  7. Just discovered 800 Words about 6 months ago and it quickly became my favorite show! Thank you for listing the filming locations. Such a BEAUTIFUL part of the world! Hope to visit there, someday!

  8. Hey Laura – we’re glad you discovered 800 Words – it’s so cool that our beautiful country is on showcase around the world! Hopefully you will make it out here and get to visit some of the amazing locations. Hope to see you soon!

  9. My friend’s daughter just left from California for New Zealand tonight. She will be working at a winery on the south island, but I told her to try and make it up to the Auckland area, especially to Piha and Karekare beaches, if she has the opportunity to travel around. I know she would just love it there!

  10. That’s awesome news – it’s a great time to arrive to work at a vineyard as it is harvesting season so lots of exciting work opportunities! The South Island is pretty amazing in autumn and winter but Auckland is definitely worth a visit!

  11. Hi Annie – thanks so much for getting in touch. We love to hear that 800 Words is making it overseas and we are glad you are enjoying it! If you ever make it over here to NZ, you will know where to head to check out all of those beautiful locations!

  12. If only! I always wanted to visit NZ but I’m too old now and it’s too far. However, spent forty plus years in Africa, and the last eight in a small town like Weld. Loved the life there and my arrival was also fraught with problems, so I was smiling in sympathy during 800 Words.

    Regards to you all

  13. Hey Annie – it sounds like a life well lived! It’s a shame you never made it down to NZ but is is definitely a long way from England!

    Take care.

    GO Rentals

  14. Fantastic series. Brings back many happy memories of my 8 months backpacking around both North and South islands. I know exactly what George meant when he wrote ‘Dead-End’ town but explained he meant it in a nice way. I’d worked in London for 20 years and it was a joy to reach the Top End of Australia and then New Zealand plus 4 Pacific islands. Everyone is so friendly and happy to help. When I first arrived in New Zealand I stopped with a pen-pal and by the second day everybody knew me as ‘the lady who had travelled all the way from London on her own’! You just have to get used to it. At least it’s not like London where people would walk past if you were dying!

  15. Hi Sue – thanks so much for getting in touch. We always love to hear from people who have travelled around our beautiful country and loved it so much! We also have a few expats who work here at GO Rentals and they all say the same thing – Kiwis are extremely welcoming and love to meet people from other countries. We love to share our beautiful country with all those people who travel thousands of miles to see it. Programmes like 800 Words are great for showcasing the country and hopefully getting even more visitors out here!

  16. One day I intend to come back. Did anybody else recognise the cheeky guy who’s helping George to do up his home. He was in A Place to Call Home made by Foxtel. Such a shame that’s over as UK TV is rubbish at present. The only thing I watch is 800 words as it reminds me of my backpacking days.
    The beautiful Pacific and the wildlife all helped to make New Zealand my favourite country on my round the world trip. I never understand why so many people go to Australia but don’t make time for New Zealand. They don’t know what they’re missing!

  17. Hey Sue – we are so glad to hear that you loved your time here and it would be awesome if you could come back one day and explore some of these amazing destinations from the 800 Words show. You’re definitely right about all those people that don’t come over to visit us when they have come all that way to Australia – they really don’t know what they’re missing!

  18. I’m really enjoying 800 Words which has just started in the UK. We spent an amazing 6 weeks in NZ in 2011 (including being in Christchurch on 22 Feb) and will be returning for a month in October this year. Looking forward to visiting all the stunning places we didn’t get time for during last visit

  19. Please make a 2nd series if you haven’t already and maybe a suggestion would be for George and family to take a holiday to the beautiful South Island. I took trip by helicopter up onto Fox Glacier which was fantastic. I understand this isn’t possible now due to the terrible earthquakes just a few years after I returned. There is still loads to see though. Te Anau and Fjiordland is definitely worth a visit. I worked there for three months and never became tired of my view from the double doors of my hostel bedroom.

  20. Hey Sue – great news for you is that they have made a second and a third series! The third series aired this year over here in NZ so we reckon the 2nd series should be with you soon! We’re not sure if they made it to the South Island but we agree – it’s a stunning place and it would make for a good holiday for George and the family!

  21. Hey Sally – thanks for getting in touch and we are glad you are enjoying 800 Words – maybe you can look up some of the filming locations when you come back! Make sure you check out our awesome Trip Planner and Complete Guides if you are planning your trip in October – we have lots of great tips and hidden gems in there! Also, be sure to check out our GO Explore Facebook page where we post up some cool road trip itineraries! Enjoy your trip out here in October!

  22. Hi there,
    I looked at next week’s programmes last night and to my delight I noticed that Series 2 starts in England next week. I haven’t looked at where George and his family will be as I don’t want to spoil the surprise for myself!

  23. Hi there, I worked in London for nearly 20 years and couldn’t wait to get out of the ‘rat race’. That’s one of the reasons I skipped Sydney and went North whilst in Oz. Even Auckland is so tiny you can’t get lost compared to London! I just loved New Zealand. The last episode reminded me of my home town in England. There used to be just a few houses and one school. The beach is 5 miles away. Unfortunately now there are about 10,000 more houses, 3 more schools, 4 old people’s homes and 5 doctor’s surgeries. Whoever wrote the script for ‘800 Words’ certainly did their homework!

  24. Hi There,
    Thanks for the reminder but they announced it today after the Series 1 final so I’ve set the next series. I believe it starts with Guy Fawkes night.
    I was down in Te Anau. Because I’d just arrived and the seasons are different to ours I’d completely forgotten until my hostel owner invited me to the town bonfire and fireworks party. Great fun in my T-shirt rather than wrapped up in coat and scarf!!!

  25. That’s awesome news – enjoy the new series! Let us know if you spot anywhere you have visited on your travels!

  26. Hi there, when all the the series are completely finished, if ever, could I ask a big favour please?
    Its about the large grey Maori necklace, that Kate sometimes wears, can I buy it please if it’s a piece of the 800 Words costume department?
    If it’s the actress’s own I quite understand that it’s impossible.
    I’m quite happy to pay shipping costs as all I could find even in the North Island, was a small Greenstone necklace. As much as I like it, I fell in love with Kate’s necklace as soon as I spotted it. I’m a bit of a jewellery fanatic and collect native jewellery from all over the world.
    If this is possible please let me know the shipping costs. Much appreciated.

  27. Hi Sue – that necklace is very pretty that’s for sure. Unfortunately we are just a car rental company wanting to bring some attention to the filming locations for 800 Words around Auckland. We’re sure you could get in touch with the filming company to see if you can possibly get hold of the necklace – good luck!

  28. Hi, we have just fell in love with George, Woody and co. The scenery is stunning. We live in Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands. We are hoping to come over for our 40th wedding anniversary in August to trace the “Weld” areas. Is there a map that you produce to customers showing the key areas please?

  29. Hey Lynn – thanks for getting in touch and reading our blog! It’s great to see that 800 Words has made it all the way out to Tenerife! It’s also really exciting that you are planning a trip down here to celebrate your 40th Wedding Anniversary – that will be some trip! We don’t have an actual 800 Words map, however the staff at our branches in Auckland would be more than happy to point you in the right direction on the maps we do have in our branches. All of the filming locations are within an hour or two of the city centre and easily accessible so it’s no problems to set you on your way – they are such beautiful locations that it’s well worth the drive out to check them out. Let us know when you plan on getting here and we can make sure the staff in our branches can set you on your way. Thanks!

  30. Great show, beautiful locales, love “800 Words.”
    One day I’ll see New Zealand. Love UK, Aussie and N.Z. TV, I never watch American TV anymore.

  31. Hi James – many thanks for dropping us a comment on this one – we love the show too! Let us know if you are ever heading over this way – we have some great tips on places to go and things to do!

  32. I absolutely love “800 Words” I am 57 years old and is by far the best program I have ever seen. From Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

  33. Hi Kathy – we’re so glad you found our post and that you love 800 Words! Hopefully you get to visit one day and come and see some of the awesome filming locations all around Auckland. Thanks for your message!

  34. Wife and I are big fans of ‘800’ but also of New Zealand. We’re planning our visit for grand retirement vaca holiday in Sep, 2019. Is Sep a good month for NZ? We don’t ski but love beaches and small town life.

  35. Hey Guy – great to hear that you enjoy the show – we all love it! There is never a bad time to come to New Zealand, however September can be colder, especially if you’re not into skiing. The North Island starts to head into Spring but it can be quite wet at that time of year. It’s still extremely beautiful but if you can hang on a couple of months, you will start to hit warmer weather. You can find out more about the seasons in New Zealand in these articles:

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