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Christchurch International Antarctic Centre


Considered the world’s best Antarctic showcase, the whole of Christchurch’s International Antarctic Centre space is a working example of the Antarctic. Tourists don’t just step into another display or exhibition; they step into a virtual recreation of the Antarctic climate itself.

For this reason, the attraction brings people both old and young from across the globe. The aim of the International Antarctic Centre is not just to entertain; it is an experience that visitors are sure to remember forever.

Which is definitely worth it when you consider that these are just a few of the highlights:

Hagglund Ride

A Hagglund is an over-snow vehicle, which carries four passengers in the front with a towing capacity of two tonnes. Basically, if you were travelling in the Antarctic, you would want one of these! It really is a unique piece of machinery and those who are keen can experience what a ride in one of these vehicles would be like over rough terrain.

4D Theatre

Even though cinemas around the globe seem to think that 3D is the answer, Christchurch’s International Antarctic Centre hosts an array of movies in 4D – it’s 3D but with added physical effects such as falling snow or splashes of water. This is a great one for the kids!

Snow and ice experience

Who doesn’t like to play in the snow?! This indoor snowy play area is set to -5C and filled with snow, slides, caves and the recreation of a real snowstorm. Wrap up warm and see if you can brave the extremes!

The Antarctic Storm

The Antarctic snowstorm is a realistic as it gets outside of the Antarctic. This is the
world’s first indoor storm with a wind chill factor of -18C. This is one storm you won’t forget with winds that blow at 40km/h. Huddle together each hour as the blizzard swells…

It’s easy to navigate being set just across from Christchurch’s International airport and the prices of tickets vary from $36 for kids and $65 for adults. However, an annual pass is just $89 for adults and gives you unlimited access for the entire year.

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