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Hokitika Wildfoods Festival


Hokitika Wildfoods Festival - 11 March 2017

If you’re looking for something a bit different this weekend, the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival is the perfect opportunity to explore the rugged West Coast of the South Island whilst sampling some of the amazing wild food to be found down that stunning coastline.

The history of Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

Founded in 1990 to coincide with Hokitika’s 125th anniversary, the Wildfoods festival attracts around 10,000 people along to sample the weird and wonderful food from the gourmet tuna, sausages and game meat to the more unusual huhu grubs, grasshoppers and snails. Throw in some fantastic live music, some culinary demonstrations and plenty of prizes on offer and you can bank on a great day out in Hokitika.

Sampling the food

Salmon tasting at the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

Sampling some of the finer foods at the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

We’ve already mentioned a few of the delicacies on offer at Hokitika Wildfoods Festival but it really is a celebration of all the best bits of the West Coast. If you love good food and just want a weekend of sampling the good stuff in life, then you’re well catered for from the assortment of game meats to a traditional Maori hangi as well as various international cuisines. If however you are looking for something a bit more out there, then that’s where the Wildfoods festival comes into its own. We’re pretty game for anything here at the GO Rentals head office but some of these ‘delicacies’ sound a little bit too far out there for us. Imagine putting your taste buds through some of the following items off the wildfoods menu:

  • Iconic festival huhu grubs
  • Duck heads
  • Chicken feet
  • Fish eye
  • Pork trotters, snots, ears & tails
  • Locusts
  • Snails
  • Lamb hearts & brains
  • Seagull eggs
  • And more…

Wowser – you’re braver than us if you’re willing to give some of those a try but there are plenty of people that queue up to give these little treats a try and some of them provide the ultimate surprise.

Two people eating huhu grubs at the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

Some brave festival goers sample the iconic huhu grubs

Entertainment and Camping

The Hokitika Wildfoods Festival also attracts some awesome entertainment from the West Coast and all of the entertainers from 2016 are heading back for another chance to rock out the main stage at this year’s festival including Hokitika Homegrown and Wild Wanderers.

Huge crowds turn our come rain or shine for the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

Huge crowds turn our come rain or shine for the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

With camping available, why not make the weekend of it. There’s so much to do on the West Coast from glacier hiking to beer tasting at the iconic Monteith’s brewery and all within easy driving distance from Hokitka and a relative stones’ throw from Christchurch or Queenstown.

The Hokitika Wildfoods Festival is taking place this coming weekend, Saturday 11 March. Find out more – and join the conversation #atasteofthewild

*All images courtesy of the official Hokitika Wildfoods Festival Facebook page

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