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Taxi charges from the airport to the world's most visited cities

New Zealand is the most expensive country in the world to get a taxi from the airport to the city centre and the top 2 places are New Zealand cities – Christchurch, followed by Queenstown. The 4 major international airports in New Zealand are in the top 7 with 3 Australian cities in between! Wellington followed by Auckland follow Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. It’s far cheaper to hire a car from GO Rentals for a day than it is to get a taxi – get an Rental Car with GO today and avoid paying ridiculous taxi fares!

We analysed 38 Cities across the World, those not in the graphic above include, because they are cheaper than $2.92 per KM, are:
Brisbane, New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Vienna, Prague, Miami, Paris, Phuket, Tokyo, Macau, Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai, Sofia, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Budapest, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Mecca, Taipei, Bangkok, Pattaya, Antalya and Istanbul

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